Post Fixture Manager (Jakarta)

The Post Fixture Manager performing the shipment calculation for FLF and T&B based on Commercial dealing and monitors the timely issuance of invoices and collection of receivables. He/She has a sound understanding of operational issues and their implications and serves as the contact point for complex claims, handling disputes related to them and ensuring adherence the to the Organization’s risk management procedures. He/She is adapt at negotiation and has excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to communicate.

Job Description

  1. Ensure the fixture note/contract is concluded according to proper interpretation of charter party clauses and shipping term/practice (acknowledged by Commercial)
  2. Verify and ensure accuracy the data (Draft of Survey, Barge timesheet, Statement of Fact, Barge movement, vessel timesheet from stevedore)
  3. Monitoring, checking and ensuring all vessel’s invoices have been issued accurately based on contract.
  4. Verify detention and laytime calculation cost, hire statement and ensure that all details activity are tally and accurate based on contract.
  5. Assisting Finance to handle collecting AR from customer for outstanding payment
  6. Negotiate and finalized charter party claim disputes
  7. Manage compliance to risk management framework, policies and processes
  8. Analyse reports on post-fixture activities. Circulate the report with eligible amount to all related party.
  9. Oversee resolution of issues arising from post-fixture issues
  10. Acquire and allocate resources to support post-fixture activities.


  1. Minimum Bachelor Degree in Maritime Studies (including Nautical Studies, Maritime Transportation), Candidates with Marine Accounting background are encouraged to apply
  2. Minimum 2 years of relevant working experiences in the Shipping/Maritime Industry handling coal transshipment commercial operations and laytime calculation (demmurage and dispatch). Has experiences in Post Fixtures Manager or Ship Operations would be an advantage
  3. Have an in-depth understanding of charter parties and their various clauses
  4. Have good understanding of formulation and finalization of port disbursement accounts
  5. Have good understanding of lay time statements, and shipping documents
  6. Have knowledge of marine insurance covers.
  7. Good interpersonal and communication skills
  8. Proficient with Microsoft Office Applications
  9. The position will be based in Jakarta

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