Designated Person Ashore (DPA)

The incumbent will ensure the proper implementation of the ISM / ISPS codes, both on-board the ships and in the office. Also, the job holder will be accountable for monitoring the safety and pollution prevention aspects of the operation of each ship and ensuring that adequate resources and shore-based support are applied, as required.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Conducting of ISM, ISPS and MLC Internal Audits on board ships operating globally.
  2. Presents ISM matters to the highest level of management and gain sustained support for safety management system improvements.
  3. Analysing working practices, writing  reports, detecting deficiencies and non- conformities,
  4. Introducing and monitoring corrective measures in co- operation with the Management, the Department Heads at the office and the ship’s command
  5. Conducting / reviewing shipboard Risk Assessments.
  6. Gathers and analyzes data from hazardous occurrences, hazardous situations, near, incidents and accidents and apply the lessons learnt to improve the safety management system within the Company and its ships.
  7. Responsible for ensuring that each vessel is compliant with the latest safety regulations and in addition is operated according to changing environmental restrictions and regional guidelines.
  8. Ensure monitoring of the safety management system via visits/inspections on board during calls or trips, following-up with shipboard recordings of safety drills reports, familiarization recording, maintenance and periodic tests of all ship’s equipment, safety and training meeting, etc

Requirement :

  1. Candidate must posses at least Master Mariner, hold the Class 1 Certificate of Competency  ( ANT – I / ATT – I )
  2. Other formal education combined with not less than three years practical senior level experience in ship management operations.
  3. Adequate shipboard sailing experience as Master or Chief Engineer on a variety of vessels
  4. Extensive knowledge of applicable international and national codes, guidelines and standards such as ISM Code, ISPS Code, SOLAS, MARPOL etc.
  5. Very good knowledge of shipping and seamanship
  6. Adept in technical or operational aspects of safety management
  7. Effective communications with shipboard staff and senior management


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